Collection of Ceol Mor Composed during the Twentieth Century

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Collection of Ceòl Mór Composed during the Twentieth Century presented by The Piobaireach Society first appeared in 1980 and was wracked with errors. These have now been corrected in this complete 2020 revision. It contains 20 tunes, some already well known such as the Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick and Farewell to the Queen’s Ferry by Captain John MacLellan, Queen Elizabeth II’s Salute and Lament for John MacDonald, Inverness, by P/M Donald MacLeod, and William Barrie’s Lament for P/M Robert Reid. The latter appeared in the first edition of this book in its original form but appears here in the composer’s updated setting.

Tunes are:

A Lament...A.G. Kenneth, A Lament for Angus Campbell...Archibald Campbell, Ceòl Na Mara… John M. MacKenzie, Farewell to the Queen’s Ferry…J. A. MacLellan, Lament for Dr John MacInnes of Gleneig… N. A. MacDonald, Lament for John MacDonald, Inverness… Donald MacLeod, Lament for John Morrison of Assynt House… Donald MacLeod, Lament for Major J.H.L. MacDonald… D.C. MacLeod, Lament for Pipe Major Hugh Fraser… W.A. Roberston, Lament for Pipe Major Robert Reid… William Barrie, Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Salute… Donald MacLeod, Salute to Captain D.R. MacLennan… Ian C. Cameron, Salute to the Isle of Iona…John Goodenow, Salute to James Campbell… A.G. Kenneth, Salute to the MacCrimmon Cairn at Borreraig… Angus MacPherson, Salute to the Piobaireachd Society…J.A. MacLean, The Cairn of Remembrance… Brian B. Birse, The Clan MacLean’s Salute… Hector MacLean, The Phantom Piper of Corrieyairack… J.A. MacLellan, The Ghillie’s Welcome to Pipe Major J. B. Roberson’s Salute… John Shone