Gannaway "Classic" Hide Bag

Gannaway Standard Hide Pipe Bag

Popular Gannaway hide bag, holes already cut, includes cord, primer and directions.

Small (26” x 9.75”)  Medium (26" x 10.5")   Large (27.5” x 11.5”)

Gannaway Leather Primer is essential for newly fitted Gannaway Pipe Bags, and superb for helping to bring older leather bags (of any manufacture) back to life!

It is recommended that all Gannaway bags are re-primed with Gannaway Leather primer, at least once a year, to maintain maximum tightness of your Pipe Bag.

NOTE: Gannaway Leather Primer contains no preservatives, so will expire if not used within several months of manufacture.  To test; if a strong odor emits when the lid is removed, do not use the bottle.  Call us for a replacement.  Not for use in synthetic or hybrid bags.