• Learner Compositions, Vol Three as played and taught by Alasdair Gillies

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              Learner Compositions Vol 3, As Played and Taught By... Alasdair Gillies is a innovative product from Ceol Mor Software & Publishing Ltd.

         This multimedia product for Windows 7, not only contains embedded live audio recording from Alasdair Gillies regarded as the pre-eminent performer of the day, but also a digital eMusic Book containing interactive content, including "turning pages" of all the sheet music played on this CD (30 excellent tunes for the learner piper).

         To enhance the user interaction with this eMusicBook, Ceol Mor have also integrated the new Windows 7 PiobMasterPro Player tutoring software into it, thus allowing the user to load listen and learn the selected tune at their own speed.

         For playback choose Bagpipe samples from World Champion piper Angus MacColl. Or smallpipes in the key of Bb, A , C or D from samples taken from world renowned scottish smallpipes make Ian Kinnear www.scottishsmallpipes.co.uk

    In addition, this enhanced CDROM format allows the user to play the audio tracks in a standard Hi-Fi.


    Track Listings

    • The Highlanders, El Alamien, Over the Chindwin

    • The Men of Argyll, Millbank Cottage

    • Duncan MacNeill Esq Farewell to Melfort, Mrs MacDonald Of Dunach

    • John Morrison MacDonald, Father John MacMillan of Barra

    • Charles Edward Hope Vere, Craig-N-Darroch

    • Achany Glen, Dornie Ferry, Willie Cumming's Rant

    • Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban, Peggy Gillies, Bessie MacIntyre

    • The Conundrum, The Fiddler's Joy, Don Manson's Reel

    • Tam Bain's Lum, Kenny MacDonald's Jig, The Skyeman's Jig/a>

    • The Man From Skye, Alick Robertson's Limp, Walking the Floor

    • The Ship in the Bottle, The Duck, Finlay MacKenzie