• MacLellan Custom Bagpipes - Antique profile


    We are a proud provider of MacLellan Bagpipes.  MacLellan Bagpipes are unique in appearance and warm in tone. 

    Much in demand, we have an antique profile: stocks and drones have a subtle curved shape with flat combing.  The shoulders on the drone tops and the cord bead on the bass mid-section.  The set shown is made from Cocobolo wood with imitation horn mounts and bronze ferrules,   Order will include a Bannantyne synthetic pipe bag, bag cover, silk cords, Ezee Drone drone reeds, a polypenco pipe chanter and pipe chanter reed.  If you want to upgrade any of these items or further customize your pipes, e.g. tuning pins or engraving, please contact us to discuss specifics.  Order your pipes from us and reduce your wait time for these fine handcrafted, much in demand set of bagpipes.