• MacLellan Revelation Bagpipes - Custom


    Available with imitation ivory projecting mounts with the choice of either standard or Gunn style mounts and aluminum ferrules.  Price includes choice of pipe bag (Bannatyne or Canmore), bag cover and cords. Call or email to specify choices.  

    MacLellan bagpipes have enjoyed a solid reputation around the world.  Delrin, (also known as Acetal or Polypenco) is widely used in the manufacture of chanters and have proven themselves at the highest level of competition. Delrin drones, however, do not share the same reputation. Many claim that the sound is loud and unrefined. 


    In order to address this, the Revelation Bagpipe was developed to overcome the short-comings of traditional delrin drones. By changing the bore sizes and by lining the bores with a cellulose polymer sleeve, this instrument has all the structural benefits of Delrin AND produces a refined "wood-like" sound. 

     The drones produce a subtle and warm drone sound, rich in harmonics and stability. An added bonus of the polymer sleeve is that it absorbs moisture, helping to keep the reeds dry and stable.


    The stocks feature a removable cartridge, lined with the same material, adding to moisture control and resonance. The top of each stock is threaded to allow removal and added drying if needed.


    The Revelation has the strength, durability, and sustainability of Delrin coupled with the sound, tone, projection and stability of the best wood bagpipes, produced anywhere, anytime.  The MacLellan Revelation Bagpipe is for those wanting the sound of wood and the durability of Delrin.