Piobaireachd - Book 12

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The Piobaireachd Society Book 12 Tunes

  • The Aged Warrior's Sorrow,  Lament for the Harp Tree,  Mackinnon's Lament,  Lament for Lord Breadalbane

  • Ewen of the Battles,  The MacLeods' Salute,  The Highland Society of Scotland's Salute,  Borlum's Salute

  • Nameless. - "One of the Cragich",  Nameless (hihorodo tra cherede che),  Nameless (hodinbain hodre chi hodro)

  • Nameless (Hindro hindro),  Port Urlar,  Keppoch's March,  Tulloch Ard the Mackenzies' Gathering