Piobaireachd - Book 16

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Now in A4 letter size. The 20 Tunes in the PS Book 16 are:

  • The Brother’s Lament,  The Cave of Gold,  Cluny MacPherson’s March,  Cluny MacPherson’s Salute (No. 2)

  • Colin MacRae of Invereenat’s Lament,  The Fairy Flag,  The Frisky Lover,  The Piper’s Salute to his Master,

  • Glengarry’s Lament – setting No. 1 (from Angus MacKay),  Glengarry’s Lament – setting No. 2 (from Ronald MacKenzie)

  • Hail to My Country,  Hector Roy McLean’s Lament,  Lament for Colonel Forbes, 

  • Lament for the Great Supper

  • Lord Berisdale’s Salute,  Miss Mabel Thomason’s Salute,  The Sword’s Lament

  • Nameless (Cheho tra o hodro) – Campbell Canntaireachd Volume 2 No. 33

  • Nameless – from John MacDougall Gillies’s Manuscript

  • Nameless (Hindo hindo) – No. 37 from Angus MacKay’s MSS Volume 2

  • Rev. Dr Norman McLeod’s Lament