We will be at the Loch Norman Highland Games - April 21st
  • Piper Flex Argyll Jacket - Men's


    The Piper Flex(tm) Argyll jacket is a truly groundbreaking design. Through 2 simple changes to a standard Argyll jacket, this design greatly increases a piper's comfort level while playing. The first innovation is in the cloth. The material used in the back 2 pannels of the jacket are different from the rest of the jacket. Where the majority of the jacket is made from the standard 15 oz wool barathea, the back 2 pannels are made from a Wool / Lycra BLENDED fabric, which allows for a bit of stretch in the cloth. While NO color variation can be detected between the 2 fabrics, the back of the jacket will actually flex up to 2" to allow better range of motion for pipers. Second, the closure on this jacket is a 2 button and chain configuration, not the the standard 1 button closure on an Argyll. When the arm is raised in the piping position, the chain allows a slight bit of 'give' to the front of the jacket (where a standard Argyll would either be tightly closed or be open and hanging). This keeps the pipers appearance tidy while piping an event. These 2 small innovations make a world of difference for the piper looking for the ultimate jacket. Standard sizes are available for men and women, please allow 1 -2 weeks for delivery.  It is also available to be custom made in Glasgow, please allow 8 weeks for delivery.