Piper's Pal Reed Box


The Piper's Pal is a humidity controlled reed storage container that holds 4 chanter reeds in a low maintenance, portable case. Absorbs moisture when reeds are wet. Provides moisture when reeds are dry.  Recharge kit is available and recommended to be replaced annually.

With the Piper's Pal your reeds will:
- Always be ready to play; keep four reeds in playing condition
- Stabilize quickly and remain stable when played
- Store indefinitely and be restored to playing condition in minutes
- Break in quicker with minimum effort
- Last longer and minimize mold and mildew.

All Piper's Pal Products are Patented

Now with new Hinge Clip!   The clip will be found inside your case.  Just attach it to the hinge side to improve air tightness of your Piper's Pal!