Ear Plugs: QT-20 Musicians

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Bagpipes and snare drums reach a sound level of 110-120 decibels therefore it is very important to find the correct ear protection to prevent hearing loss.

 QT-20’s enhance your enjoyment of bagpipes and pipe band performance by reducing the level of potentially harmful frequencies while retaining the overall clarity of sound. 

QT-20’s are soft, easy to use & have a discrete skin colored tone. 

 With a choice of 2 interchangeable filter levels (high & low) you can adjust your earplugs to get the correct level of noise reduction. 

 Each set of QT20's comes with an aluminium keyring case so that you can carry your earplugs and filters everywhere you go!

 High Filter Attenuation (White)                                            Medium Filter Attenuation (Green)

SNR 27 | H - 31dB | M - 24dB | L - 18dB                                SNR 19 | H - 21dB | M - 16dB | L - 12dB