• Silica Gel Pak


    Silica gels are used in bagpipe moisture control systems as a desiccant to absorb and remove moisture, allowing drone reeds to stay dry.

    When playing bagpipes, moisture from your breath will condense on parts of the bagpipes, which will cause the drone sound to become unsteady and difficult to tune. This is a particular issue with synthetic bags that don't absorb moisture in the same way that a leather bag will.

    Silica gels change colour from orange to dark green, providing an indicator that the gels need to be generated.

    Drying of Gels

    1. Empty gels very carefully into a ovenproof dish. 

    2. Place in an oven at 100C for 45 minutes.

    3. Gels should have returned or almost returned to original orange. If not, allow to cool as they will still be drying out as they are very hot.


    5. When the gels have cooled, carefully refill the appropriate moisture control chambers - Tip: Use a paper funnel or jug as the gels are hard and may bounce.

    6. The system is ready to be used again.