The Cabar Feidh Collection

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The Cabar Feidh Collection, Pipe Music of the Queen's Own Highlanders, contains a wide selection of tunes from traditional Strathspeys and Reels to competition style 2/4 Marches, 6/8, 3/4 and 4/4 Marches for every piper of any standard to enjoy playing.

The tunes included in The Cabar Feidh Collection, Pipe Music of the Queen's Own Highlanders are:

1st Battalion Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell To South Armagh  - 2nd Battalion 51st Highland Volunteers Ta Farewell To Rsm M. Macleod - 42nd's Farewell To Major G.B Murray - 51st Highland Division - 91st At Modder River - 9th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders (116th Regiment Rac) Crossing The Irrawaddy - A Luaidh (My Dearest) - A.A Cameron - Achduart - Achnahaird - Ale Is Dear - An T'alltan Dubh (The Dark Stream) - Angela's Wedding - Archie Campbell Of The 51st Highland Division - Ardvasar Blacksmith - Argyll And The Isles - Arthur Gillies - Auld Wife Ayont The Fire - Battle Of Waterloo - Bert Sutherland - Black Isle - Bonnie Argyll - Bonnie Strathyre - Bonnie Wells O' Wearie - Bonny Gallowa - Bridge O' Perth - Bugle Call - Burma Rifles March Past - Cabar Feidh - Caller Herrin - Calon Lan - Capt. Noel Chavasse Vc - Captain Alec Fraser - Captain H.B.H.E. Monro - Castle And Keys - Chiefy's March - Chocks Away - Chris Dillon's Welcome To Ullapool Clachnaharry - Cogadh No Sith - Colonel Robertson-macleod's Farewell To Tulliallan - Come By The Hills - Coolin Hills - Creag Guanach - Crimean Reveille - Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle) - Cromdale Hornpipe - Culna Craig - David Boswell's Walkabout - Devil In The Kitchen - Domhnull Mac-a-phi (Donald Macphee) - Donald Cameron's Powder Horn - Donald Maclennan's Tuning Phrase - Donald Macleod - Donella Beaton - Dornoch Links - Dr. Sydney Peace Of Kirkwall - Drive Home The Mainlanders  -Duck - Duirinish Piping Society - Duncan Lamont - Edinburgh Castle - Eochar Reel - Evan Macrae's Beard - Ewe Wi' The Crookit Horn - Fair Maid Of Barra - Farewell To Colonel R.D. Maclagan Cbe Mc - Farewell To Lord Louis Mountbatten - Fear A Bhata (The Boatman) - Follow My Highland Soldier - Frimley - Galloway Hills - Galway City (Or The Spanish Ladies) - General George Patton - General Hunts Welcome To The Queens Own Highlanders - Glasgow Police March Past (Or Sands Of Loch Bee) - Governer's Installation - Green Glens Of Antrim - Greenfield - Gur Milis Morag - Gurkha Signals Farewell To Serebam - Hebridean Polka - Hecky Morrison - Heroes Of St. Valery - He's Over The Hill That I Love Well - Hielan' Laddie - Highland Reel - Highland Whisky - Hm King Carl Xvi Gustav Of Sweden - Hong Kong Highland Gathering - Inveresk House - Inverness Gathering - Inverness Piping Society - Jack Mclaughlin - Jim Barrie - Jimmy Mackenzie, Stornoway -Jocky - John Rennie - John Roy Stewart - Johnnie Macintyre - Johnny Cope - Kathlen Gillies - Kyle Alexander - Lad That Wears The Plaid (Or The Rose Among The Heather) Laird Of Cockpen - Lament For Rory Mor - Lament For The Earl Of Seafield - Lantern Of The North (Elgin Cathedral) - Lass Of Gowrie - Last Parade - Leaving Barra - Leaving Eriskay - Leaving Ireland - Lewis Soldier - Lindsay's Lament - Liverpool Scottish Salute To Tiny Barber - Loch Carron - Lochaber No More - Lochiel's Welcome To Glasgow - Logie O' Buchan - Lord Dunmore's Jig - Lovat Scouts - Lt. Col. A.A Fairrie's March - Lt. Col. A.S Duncan - Lt. Col. D.J.S Murray - Lt. Col. D.R Maclennan - Lt. Col. H.W. Kemble Of Knock - Lt. Col. I.G. Nason's Farewell - Lt. Col. J.C.O.R. Hopkinson - Lt. Col. R.D Maclagan Cbe Mc - Lt. Col. Robin Campbell Dso - Lt. Col. S. Gair ( Or The Road To Gerinish) - Lt. Gen. Sir Derek Lang - Lt. Patrick J.F. Graeme's March - Lt.Col. George Latham's Fancy - Macgregor Of Rora - Maiden Of Morvern - Mairi Bhan Og (Fair Young Mary) - Major C.M.C. Crowe - Major Forbes 78th Highlanders - Major General Frank Richardson - Major I.M. Fraser's Farewell - Major S.H.R.H. Monro's March - Mason's Apron - Merrily Sailing - Merry Lads Of Dornoch  -Methven Castle - Michael Joseph Mackinnon - Mo Run Gael Dileas - Morair Sim - Mr And Mrs Peter Maclean  -Mrs. Donald Macleod - Mrs. Macdonald Of Uig - Muile Nam Fuar Bheann (Mull Of The Cool High Glens) - Muinntir A Ghlinne So (People Of This Glen) - Neil Robertson, Westend Hotel - Over The Chindwin - Paardeberg - Paddy On The Railroad - Paddy's Leather Breeches - Pathan War March, Zakhmi Dil (Wounded Heart) - Patrick Mcgovern's Reel - Phantom Piper Of Corrieyairack - Pibroch Mackenzie's Farewell - Piobaireachd Dhomnuill Dhuibh - Pipe Major Andrews Venters - Pipe Major Donald Maclean Of Lewis - Pm Iain Morrison - Pm R.H. Macphee's Reel - Pm Willie Young's Fancy - Pretty Apron - Prince Charles' S Welcome To Lochaber - Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell To Brunei - Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell To General Sir James Cassels - Queen's Own Highlanders Polka - Rakes Of Kildare - Richmond Lass - Ridhle Mo Nighean Donn (The Brown Haired Maid) - Rose Tree - Ross Battery - Salute To Lt. Col. David Blair - Sandy Finnie - Scottish Piping Society Of The Witwatersrand - Sgaoth Sgadan (Shoals Of Herring) - Sheila's Lullaby - Sir Thomas Wardle Of Western Australia - Skylark's Ascension - South Uist Emigrants (Or Mrs. Dugald Matheson) - South Uist Hornpipe - Sporting Jamie - Superscot - Susan Macleod - Tenth Anniversary - Tha Mi Duilich - Thailer A Bha Me Sherridh Is Feader A Thuair Me - Thief Of Lochaber - Tir Nam Craobh (Land Of The Trees) - Tuigann Leum's Dean Cabhag (Hasten And Come With Me) - Vancouver Police Pipe Band - Willie Macrae Of Ullapool - Wiseman's Exercise - Ye Jacobites By Name